Ergonomic Mouse

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Ergonomic Mouse


This ergonomic mouse is based on snail bionics and combined with ergonomics to lie on the side at 54 degrees. Make the arm naturally stretched out of the tension state of the arm bone to control the mouse. By changing the way you use your wrist and arms, you will effectively reduce pain and discomfort.

Compatible Systems :

Linux, Android

Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000

Mac OS X (The previous/next page thumb buttons are not recognized on the Mac OS X)

Ergonomic Mouse

Upgrade USB Mice For for Laptop,Desktop,PC,Macbook

The vertical design will keep your wrist stay at the natural position without forcing them to twist, which will take pressure off your carpal tunnel comparing to the ordinary horizontal mice. The entire palm can rests on the mouse instead of hovering the wrist in the air, your forearm muscles can be much relaxed in a long run. As the natural position puts minimum stress further on the forearm and shoulder, it’s also ideal for repetitive gliding mouse control.

Streamline design with the high-quality rubber coating and high gloss details, Lightweight portable whether it is on or under your desk, Can work quickly and efficiently, allowing you to use it comfortably for a long time.

An ergonomic mouse makes you more comfortable, keeps you away from fatigue, and mouse hand, a great choice for long-term working with the PC and Laptop.

Customer Reviews

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Mackenzie Weimann

Impeccable, it works perfectly and no worries recognized immediately by the pc.

Domenica Mann

It works well, looks good quality.

Tyree DuBuque

Product was sent by supplier very quickly. Arrived in Brazil also. Curitiba to Sao Paulo also super fast, but reef for Maceió took a little. Product working perfectly. Really liked.

Rogelio McCullough

Packing in the photo. I did not try it. To the touch is cool.

Kip Bartoletti

The mouse is normal, requires 2 AAA batteries. convenient, but somewhat unusual. I will experience longer-I will complement the review